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Case 73

Contributor: Guilherme Feltrin de Barros

Patient Presentation: An 88-year-old female presented to retina clinic with blurred vision OU for the past 3 months. Visual acuity was 20/150 OD and 20/100 OS. IOP was within normal limits. Fundus examination demonstrated fine drusen and pigmentary changes at the macula OU.  EDI OCT was performed and is shown below:


Question 1: What abnormality is seen on the patient's OCT macula images?

Question 2: What is the diagnosis?

Question 3: What inherited retinal diseases can mimic age-related choroidal atrophy?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the findings and significance of choroidal atrophy.

  2. Understand the differences of age-related choroidal atrophy with AMD.

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