Case 70


Patient Presentation: A 45-year-old female patient presented to a tertiary ophthalmology centre with a 2-day history of painless blurred vision in her right eye. BCVA was 20/200 OD and 20/40 OS. IOP was 15 OU. OCT macula OU was performed and is shown below:


Question 1: What layers of the neurosensory retina are split on the OCT macula image OD?

Question 2: What additional finding is seen on OCT macula OD?

Question 3: What is the unifying diagnostic abnormality on OCT?

Question 4: What is the most common cause of BALAD?



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  2. Cicinelli MV, Giuffré C, Marchese A, et al. The bacillary detachment in posterior segment ocular diseases. Ophthalmol Retina. 2020;4:454–456. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand the features of bacillary retinal detachment using OCT findings.

  2. To understand the underlying etiologies causing bacillary retinal detachment and the diagnostic workup involved in these cases.