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Case 57

Contributor: Marko Tien (University of British Columbia Medical Student) 

Patient Presentation: A 79-year-old woman with advanced macular degeneration was referred for assessment and management. She complains of blurriness OU with a blind spot in the upper visual field of the right eye. Her ocular history is significant for bilateral cataract extraction done 12 years ago, and regular intravitreal ranibizumab injections in the right eye up until 10 years ago. She is taking Vitalux (AREDS2), dorzolamide-timolol and monoprost drops OU, sertraline, and pantoprazole. No significant FHx. On presentation, visual acuity was 20/200-2 OD and 20/150-2 OS.


Question: OCT macula 5-line raster was performed in the right and left eye. Which of the following OCT findings is NOT seen?

Question: What does this OCT demonstrate?

Question: What is the best course of treatment for this patient?


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Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand the appearance of geographic atrophy on OCT and the reasoning behind it

  2. To recognize the management options of geographic atrophy

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