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Case 51

Patient Presentation: An 83-year-old woman, known for OD moderate myopia (-5.00 OD) and high myopia OS (-8.00D), presented to a tertiary retina clinic referred for atypical fundus examination by her optometrist. A 5-Line Raster OCT of her right and left eyes were performed and shown below:


Question: Based on the OCT images, what condition does this patient have in the left eye, associated with her high myopia?

Question: Which of the following is a complication that the condition mentioned above can lead to?

Question: How would you treat a macular hole?

Question: How are VMTs classified?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify a posterior staphyloma and vitreomacular traction on OCT

  2. Understand the complications associated with posterior staphyloma

  3. Understand basic treatment of macular holes

  4. Recognize the classification system for vitreomacular traction and vitreomacular adhesion

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