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Case 41

Patient Presentation: A 6-year-old asymptomatic male was referred for bilateral macular lesions. Visual acuity was 20/30 –2 OD and 20/25 -2 OS. Fundus photo and OCT OU were performed and shown below.

Retina 42-1.png
Retina 42-2.png
Retina 42-3.png
Retina 42-4.png

Question: What is the main abnormality see on the patient's OCT images?

Question: What important question should you ask?

Question: What is the best next step?

Question: What is the most likely diagnosis?

Question: What stage of Best Vitelliform Macular Dystrophy is shown in this case?

Question: How should this patient be managed?



1.Parodi MB, Iacono P, Romano F, Bandello F. Spectral domain optical coherence tomography features in different stages of best vitelliform macular dystrophy. Retina. 2018 May 1;38(5):1041-6. 

Learning Objectives:

1. To recognize and diagnose BVMD on OCT and fundoscopy

2. To understand the management plan for patients with BVMD and their families

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