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Case 18

Patient Presentation: A 64-year-old male with a previous history of cataract surgery presented to ophthalmology with a 3 month history of metamorphopsia in his right eye. On examination, his vision was 20/20 in both eyes. Slit lamp examination and fundus examination appeared normal. An OCT macula was performed on his right eye demonstrating the following:



Question: What is the diagnosis?

Retina 18-1.png

Question: How do you differentiate a macular pseudohole from a macular hole and a lamellar hole?

Learning Objectives:

1. To differentiate macular pseudohole from a lamellar hole and a full thickness macular hole

2. To identify the OCT features of a macular pseudohole, which have a vertical profile that does not involve the full thickness of the retina

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