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Ocular Oncology

Case 6

Patient Presentation: A 59-year-old male was referred to an ophthalmology service due to decreased vision in his left eye over the past 5 months. The patient had brain surgery for a cerebellar tumour last year. On assessment, his visual acuity was 20/30-1 OD and 20/350+2 OS. IOP was 16 OD and 18 OS. Slit lamp examination demonstrated early cataracts. Fundus photographs, fundus autofluorescence, and OCT macula OU were obtained and shown below:






Question: Which option correctly matches the OCT findings in both eyes?

Question: Based on the multi-modal imaging provided, what is the most likely diagnosis?

Question: What is the most likely systematic diagnosis in this patient?

Question: Which of the following is recommended to manage this patient’s retinal hemangioblastomas and VHL disease?


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Learning Objectives:

  1. To identify features of von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease

  2. To identify treatments for retinal hemangioblastomas and VHL disease

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